Yum! - Top Tips for Feeding Babies and Kids with Allergies

From the Children's Hospital at Westmead's expert team in allergy and nutrition, Australia's first child-focused allergy cookbook. With 1 in 20 Australian children now having a food allergy - and that number on the rise - this book provides essential information for their families and carers - the definitive cookbook for making healthy meals for children with allergies, excluding all the major allergens, whilst keeping the meals ones that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Containing basic advise for anyone trying to manage an allergy, this full-colour handbook includes: the medical facts about allergies and anaphaylaxis; practical tips for caring for a child with an allergy (for every age and stage, from babies to teens); how to shop for a child with an allergy; how to prevent cross-contamination when preparing food at home; eating out and party strategies;

100 easy-to-follow, healthy and nutritionally-balanced.recipes for every meal of the day that exclude all the major allergens - cow"s milk/dairy/egg. peanut, tree nut, soy and wheat - with easy ways to reintroduce excluded foods for other children in the family.


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ISBN:  9780733629686

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Audience: Parents

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Date published:  2013

Publisher:  Hachette Australia

Country of publication:  Australia

Barbara Dennison, Fiona Wedding and Preeti Joshi