Y The X ? Unravelling Intellectual Disability and Autism

This book reveals the process by which the major causes of intellectual handicap have been discovered over the last fifty years.

The process by which abnormalities of small and smaller parts of chromosomes are identified.

The work of finding of the amazing number of genes on the X chromosome involved in brain function.

The long journey unravelling the fragile X chromosome.

The importance of new point mutations originating from older fathers.

Speculations about the causes of autism and how the male preponderance and increasing prevalence can be explained.

The importance of the X chromosome in the evolution of homosapiens.

After reading this book you will understand the excitement of research , the part so often played by chance and you will have a grasp of the basics of genetics.


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ISBN: 9780646582313

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Audience:  Parents

Format:  Paperback

Language:  English

Date published:  2012

Publisher:  Bookbound Publishing

Country of publication:  Australia

Gillian Turner