Well Coloured; The Animal Escape

Well Coloured; The animal escape, is a colouring and activity book that has been developed by the Department of Adolescent Medicine's Youth Arts Program at The Children's Hospital at Westmead.

The book was designed through group and individual sessions with patients in conjuction with the Program Artists, Michelle Mathyi and Elise Franke.

Explore familiar surroundings of Sydney as the animals escape Sydney's Taronga Zoo and go for a fun adventure around Sydney. The animals roam through Rotary Park, Sydney's Domain, Luna Park, go for a Bridge Climb, and can even be found spray painting in the streets of Newtown.

This is your book to keep and use at your leisure. To give you the opportunity to escape from the day to day challenges of illness through mindful, creative and fun activities.


Additional Information


ISBN 10:

Audience:  Parents and Children

Format:  Paperback / 52 pages

Language:  English

Date published:  2017

Publisher: The Children's Hospital at Westmead

Country of publication:  Australia

The Department of Adolescent Medicine