Water feature safety


What are water features?

Water features are structures designed to attractively display water and water movement. Water features include ponds, fountains and waterfalls.

How may children be injured around a water feature?


Children may fall into the water contained in a water feature and drown. As young children are top heavy, they may drown in as little as 5cm of water. Once a child’s face is submerged, the child is unable to pull their face out of the water.

What do I do with my water feature when young children are present?

You may wish to drain any water features you have and stop using them for the period of time when your children are too young to understand the dangers associated with them.

Is there a Law or an Australian Standard for water features?

There are no laws or Australian Standards relating to water features. Please keep in mind the safety reminders on the right when considering the installation or maintenance of a water feature.

Example of a covered water feature

Example of a covered water feature

Image Source: http://brisbanebackyardnaturalist.blogspot.com.au/2013/02/day-in-life-of...


If you wish to retain a water feature with young children around, please follow the safety recommendations below:

• Install a rigid metal mesh above the water level of your water feature. The mesh must be able to support the weight of a child above the water level.

• Ensure that the mesh is firmly secured to the water feature and regularly checked for signs of deterioration.

• Never allow small children to play around the water feature without adult supervision.