Swimming pool fencing

Requirements and guidelines

By law in Australia, all private swimming pools or spas that can hold a depth of 30 cm or more must have safety barriers around them. 

All pool safety fences must meet Australian Safety Standard 1926. You can check with your local council or Fair Trading NSW for details. 

Barriers are needed for in-ground swimming pools, above-ground swimming pools, indoor swimming pools, portable or inflatable pools, jacuzzis, hot tubs and spas.

A safe pool fence:

  • is at least 1.2 m high
  • is strong, secure and well maintained
  • has a self-closing, self-latching, child-resistant gate -the latch must be more than 1.5 m high
  • has no gaps more than 10 cm apart
  • has horizontal bars at least 90 cm apart (if applicable)
  • meets other requirements.

Protect Your Pool, Protect Your Kids

With assistance from The Samuel Morris Foundation and The Swimming Pool and Spa Association of NSW and ACT (SPASA NSW), Kids Health at The Children's Hospital at Westmead developed the Protect Your Pool, Protect Your Kids video to educate pool owners about pool fencing and the common faults.  A checklist was also created for pool owners to use to inspect their pools.  The Protect Your Pool, Protect Your Kids checklist is available in English and 16 community languages from the download section below. Please click here to order hard copies of the campaign checklist, poster and flyer.

Please read the video disclaimer before viewing the 'Protect Your Pool' video series below.

Chapter 1: Real life story

Chapter 2: Background information

Chapter 3: Swimming pool laws – your circumstances

Chapter 4: Building a new swimming pool

Chapter 5: Pool fence – height

Chapter 6: Pool fence - non climbable zone

Chapter 7: Pool fence - vertical gaps

Chapter 8: Pool fence - horizontal climbable bars

Chapter 9: Pool fence - gap at the bottom of the fence

Chapter 10: Pool fence and gate – maintenance

Chapter 11: Pool – gates, self closing and latching devices

Chapter 12: Pool fence – gate latching device location

Chapter 13: Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) sign

Chapter 14: Boundary fence used as part of the pool fence

Chapter 15: Child resistant windows

Chapter 16: Child resistant doors

Chapter 17: Above ground pools and inflatable pools

Chapter 18: Spa pools

Chapter 19: Other safety issues to consider

Chapter 20: Points to remember

You must, by law, have a four sided fence around ANY pool that can be filled with more than 30cm of water. This includes inflatable and portable swimming pools.

Pool owners should regularly check their swimming pool throughout the year, especially in the months leading up to summer. Fines can apply if your swimming pool does not comply.If you are not sure whether your swimming pool complies with the legislation, you should contact your local council to arrange an inspection or The Swimming Pool and Spa Association of NSW and ACT (SPASA)  for more information.

To find out what council area you are in or to access a list of authorised accredited pool certifiers, please visit The Office of Local Government.

Swimming Pool Safety Symposium

On 27 October 2014, The Children’s Hospital at Westmead hosted a Swimming Pool Safety Symposium to look at the issue of child drowning and near drowning in private swimming pools in NSW.

The Swimming Pool Safety Symposium Final Report is available in the downloads section and includes detailed information on the presentations and key points of the open discussion.

New changes to backyard swimming pools

  • As of 29 April 2016, all residential properties with a swimming pool must have a valid certificate of compliance before the property can be leased or sold.

    • For rental properties: the landlord or real estate must give the tenant a copy of the valid certificate of compliance or occupation certificate

    • For sellers: the contract of sale must include a certificate of compliance or an occupation certificate issued within the past three years & evidence that the pool is registered. Alternatively, the vendor can transfer the obligation to the purchaser if a certificate of non-compliance is attached to the contract of sale. The purchaser will then have 90 days from the settlement date to fix the defects listed and obtain a certificate of compliance.

    • Further information is available at www.olg.nsw.gov.au/public/my-home/swimming-pools/selling-property-pool-or-spa 

  • As of 29 April 2015, all tourist and visitor accommodation or properties where there are more than two dwellings must have a swimming pool inspection at least once every three years.

  • All local council swimming pool inspection programs for their local area commenced on 29 October 2013. Local councils can charge pool owners up to $150 for the first inspection and up to $100 if a second inspection is needed (if faults are identified at the first inspection).

  • As of 29 October 2013, all swimming pools must be registered on the state-wide pool register. As part of the registration process, pool owners must certify to the best of their knowledge that their pool barrier complies with the legislation. To register your pool, please visit www.swimmingpoolregister.nsw.gov.au

Pool Fencing Legislation

The legislation that applies to swimming pool barriers in NSW includes:

Local councils will allow members of the public to attend any of their respective offices, libraries or outlets to look at (but not print or take any copy away of) the Standard during ordinary business hours.


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Links to further information

Please see the SCHN safety fact sheets for more information.

The Swimming Pool and Spa Association of NSW and ACT (SPASA)

The Samuel Morris Foundation

St John Ambulance Australia (NSW)

The Office of Local Government

The Office of Fair Trading


The Royal Life Saving Society NSW

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Protect Your Pool, Protect Your Kids (كدلاوأ ىلع ظفاح ،ةحابسلا ةآرب ىلع ظفاحةياقولا ةمئاق) – A4 checklist (Arabic)

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Protect Your Pool, Protect Your Kids – A4 checklist (Bangla)

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Protect Your Pool, Protect Your Kids – A4 checklist (Simplified Chinese) 保护好游泳池,保护好孩子一览表

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Protect Your Pool, Protect Your Kids – A4 checklist (Traditional Chinese) 保護好游泳池,保護好孩子一覽表

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Protect Your Pool, Protect Your Kids – A4 checklist (Vietnamese) Danh Mục Kiểm Tra về Bảo Vệ Bể Bơi Của Quý Vị, Bảo Vệ Con Em Quý Vị