Positive Food for Kids

Healthy food, healthy children, healthy life is the message from the author. Dr O'Dea's groundbreaking research of 5000 children and their eating habits revealed some shocking facts: one (1) in six (6) children had eaten no fruit or vegetables in the past three (3) days; one (1) in five (5) had had no fruit juice; one (1) in four (4) had had no cereal, pasta or rice and one (1) in ten (10) had had no milk. Even more confronting was her discovery that poor nutrition not only leads to poor physical growth, but poor brain growth and reduced intelligence too. Busy parent can turn to this book for: proven strategies that will get your child to eat and enjoy healthy food for life: handy nutrition guides to all foods , including take-aways and also simple, healthy recipes you and your kids can eat every day.


Additional Information

ISBN:  9781864710915

ISBN 10:  1864710918

Audience: Parents

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Date published:  2005

Publisher:  Transworld Publishers

Country of publication:  Australia

Dr Jenny O'Dea