Playground equipment safety

The most common playground injuries are falls, often from climbing equipment, swings and trampolines. You can make your child’s outdoor play safer by following the safety tips below.

Safety tips

  • Supervise your child around play equipment
  • Choose play equipment that suits your child’s age. Equipment that is over 1.5 metres high is not suitable for children under 5 years of age
  • Make sure all outdoor play equipment is stable and well-anchored
  • Have soft material under your play equipment if it is more than 60cm off the ground
  • Soft material under swings should be 2.5 metres past the longest point that the swing reaches at the front and back
  • The surface under play equipment should either be loose-fill material (such as bark, mulch, wood chips or sand) that is 30cm deep or impact absorbing material (such as fake grass or rubber)
    • Hard surfaces such as concrete, grass, dirt or gravel under play equipment should not be used
    • Only certain types of sand are good for absorbing impact – check that you choose sand for playgrounds (not play sand)
    • Rubber is good for absorbing impact but it can get hot. Safety also depends on its age and how it was installed.

More information on playground safety is available on the Kidsafe NSW website.