Physical activity

Physical activity is important for your child’s movement, skill development and brain development.  It can also help your child to stay a healthy weight. Keeping active from a young age can encourage these habits throughout your child’s life. 

The Australian recommendations for physical activity over a 24 hour period are:

  • Children aged 0 to 1 year: 30 minutes of supervised tummy time, crawling, pulling up to a standing position or walking
  • Children aged 1 to 2 years: at least 3 hours doing different physical activities
  • Children aged 3 to 5 years: at least 3 hours doing different physical activities. This includes 1 hour of energetic play such as running and jumping throughout the day

Try not to restrain your child for more than 1 hour at a time or have them sit in 1 position for a long time. For example, in a pram or car seat.

Limit your child’s use of baby walkers and baby exercise jumpers. This is because using them too often, in periods of 15 minutes or longer, can delay walking and reduce the time children spend on the floor.

Some ideas on how your child can be active include:

  • Tummy time, pull to stand toys or push walkers
  • Dancing to music, going for a walk, washing the car or doing some gardening
  • Running, chasing or playing outdoors
  • Playing with balls, balloons or bubbles
  • Enjoying an obstacle course or playing hide-and-seek
  • Visiting playgrounds, parks, swimming pool or the beach.