Pedestrian safety

Safety tips

  • Up until the age of 10, always supervise your child closely, holding their hand when crossing a road. Your child can hold onto a pram, clothes or bag if you don’t have a free hand
  • Teach your child to cross the road at traffic lights or pedestrian crossings
  • Always Stop, Look, Listen and Think before crossing the road
    • Stop – 1 step back from the road
    • Look – both ways
    • Listen – for signs of traffic
    • Think – if it’s safe to cross the road
  • Watch for cars and never assume that they have seen you
  • Try to remove distractions and don’t talk or text on your phone while you are walking with your child near the road
  • Walk on the footpath rather than the road.

More information on staying safe around roads can be found on the Transport for NSW, Centre for Road Safety website.