Shaken baby

Responding to a crying baby: shaking your baby is just not the deal!

Babies need the miracle of parents, family members and carers who can meet their needs for safety, comfort and nurturing.

Caring for a baby when there are other family and personal stressors increases the risks that a baby's needs may become overwhelming to the person caring for them.

If the baby's needs are overwhelming or his/her crying is distressing to the person caring for them, the risk of shaking also seems to increase.

  • Shaking is the leading cause of death in children under twelve months.
  • Shaking can cause short and long term brain injury.
  • Research indicates men are more likely to shake babies.
  • The cost of shaken babies is high for the child, family and our community.

The shaken baby prevention project has produced a number of resources (including a DVD, posters, brochures and postcards) to provide information to parents, carers and professionals about responding to a crying baby. These were developed to support families in dealing with the challenges of managing a crying baby and provide safe strategies for responding to a crying infant.The project's goal is to ensure that all those involved with babies understand the importance of not shaking a baby, ever.


The 3.5 minute animated DVD provides suggestions and strategies for responding to stressors. It is suitable for use by parent educators, in schools, in hospitals, doctor's surgeries, in child care centres and for personal use by parents and carers wanting to educate babysitters, family friends and young people.

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Resources designed specifically for Men

Most recently, posters and a set of postcards aimed at providing men with information about how to respond appropriately to a crying baby, provide strategies for settling a crying baby and encouraging men to ask for help when they need it.

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History of the Crying Baby Prevention Project

In Western Sydney NSW Australia, a group of professionals attended a Shaken Baby Syndrome conference in Sydney where there was discussion about the impact of education programs on the incidence of SBS. The subsequently formed multidisciplinary team decided to produce a locally grown and relevant program based on use of a film to be shown to new parents and prospective parents. The education outcomes hoped for included increasing the strategies and options available to parents and carers confronted with a crying baby. The key message underlying these strategies is that it is dangerous to ever shake a baby.

The animated film was developed with financial support from KidsWest, project support from The Millenium Foundation and Cornucopia Committee, following wide consultation with community members, health, education and child welfare professionals. The DVD has been translated into 19 languages, some have been commercially developed into subtitled versions of the film, it has been evaluated through a research trail and shown and discussed at National and International Conferences to great acclaim.

Members of the project team have included social workers, psychologists, learning and development professionals, paediatricians, administration staff, nurses, university students.

Organisations contributing times, staff and resources includes:

  • Westmead Hospital (Women's and Children's Health )
  • The Children's Hospital at Westmead where babies who have been injured are treated (Child Protection Unit, Brain Injury Rehabilitation, Education Centre, Department of Psychological Medicine)
  • Western Sydney Area Health Service PANOC service
  • The Department of Community Services

Parents Resources


Tresillian Family Care Centres assist families with infants or young children who need support on various parenting issues, including settling, sleep, and breastfeeding and post natal depression. The services provided include a 24 Hour Parent's Help Line, Outreach Services, Day Stay and Residential Units, Parent Education and a Child Care Centre. The four Tresillian Centres in Sydney are located at Belmore, Penrith, Willoughby and Wollstonecraft.

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Karitane provide guidance to families with infants or young children who have been provided with a referral and require assistance with various parenting issues. Its aims include energetic and healthy families, accessible and high quality health care and a progressive, innovative and lively organisation. The services provided include a Careline, Residential Family Care Unit (Carramar), Parent and Baby Day Unit (Fairfield Heights) and Family Care Centres (Randwick and Liverpool).

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Health Direct Australia

Healthdirect Australia is a 24-hour telephone health advice line staffed by Registered Nurses who provide expert health advice. Phone 1800 022 222. Calls from landlines are free. Mobile charges may apply.

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Dial-A-Mum Inc is a telephone support service for stressed, isolated and suffering parents and carers. The organisation is funded and operated by skilled and experienced volunteer mothers who are supported by professional community workers.

Phone 02 94776777 for Dial-A-Mum.

Mens Line

Mens Line is a telephone support service for men facing family and relationship challenges who want assistance in managing the situation. The professionally trained counsellors provide confidential and objective short term counselling, relevant information and referrals, relationship coaching and practical strategies. The service is also for women and children concerned about a male family member or friend.

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Child Abuse Prevention Service

The Child Abuse Prevention Service (CAPS) supports parents to alleviate or prevent child abuse and ensure children grow up in a healthy and safe environment. The experienced CAPS workers are trained to work specifically for children's well being within their family. The organisation provides a free 24 Hour Crisis Help Line, support and follow-ups, referrals and brochures.

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NSW Parenting

The NSW Parenting site provides parents and carers with practical tips, case studies, information and resources to assist with caring for children.

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Australian Parenting Website

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The New South Wales Department of Community Services (DoCS) advocates the wellbeing and protection of children and youth and works towards the development of stronger families and communities. The services provided include child protection services, foster care and adoption services, parenting support and early intervention and assistance to disaster-struck communities.

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Chinese, Traditional (繁體中文)

Shaken baby prevention - A3 poster (Traditional Chinese) 但是你千萬不要用力搖晃寶寶

Shaken baby prevention - postcard A (Traditional Chinese) 但是你千萬不要用力搖晃寶寶

Shaken baby prevention - postcard B (Traditional Chinese) 但是你千萬不要用力搖晃寶寶

Dari (دری)

Shaken baby prevention - A3 poster (Dari) هرگز طفل تانرا بشدت تکان ندهید

Shaken baby prevention - postcard A (Dari) هرگز طفل تانرا بشدت تکان ندهید

Shaken baby prevention - postcard B (Dari) هرگز طفل تانرا بشدت تکان ندهید

English (English)

Shaken baby prevention - A3 poster

Shaken baby prevention - postcard A

Shaken baby prevention - postcard B

Crying baby poster

Hindi (हिन्दी)

Shaken baby prevention - A3 poster (Hindi) अपने बच्चे को कभी भी झटका देकर हिल ाएँ नहीं!

Shaken baby prevention - postcard A (Hindi) अपने बच्चे को कभी भी झटका देकर हिल ाएँ नहीं!

Shaken baby prevention - postcard B (Hindi) अपने बच्चे को कभी भी झटका देकर हिल ाएँ नहीं!