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"I thought drowning would be frantic but it was quiet and quick”
3rd April, 2020 in Media releases

Replying to a text message, answering the door, applying sunscreen or even...

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Experts warn; "Don’t let your child be a drowning statistic"
11th December, 2018 in Media releases

Experts are warning parents to be extra vigilant when supervising their...

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Preventing burns and protecting kids this Winter
2nd July, 2018 in Media releases

June 2018 – Experts across Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network are urging...

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Kids Can Drown Without a Sound Media Release 19 Dec 2017
22nd January, 2018 in Media releases

19/12/17 Doctors warn, ‘Kids can drown without a sound’ As the summer school...

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Children and Quad Bikes
8th March, 2017 in Media releases

Concern has been raised by injury prevention professionals and the Royal...

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