KidsQuit: Brief Interventions in Smoking Cessation e-learning

The KidsQuit program is an interactive and educational tool to provide professionals with simple strategies for advising adolescents, parents and carers with smoking cessation advice and strategies to reduce exposure to Second hand Smoke (SHS).  KidsQuit was developed by The Children’s Hospital at Westmead (CHW) Departments of Adolescents and Respiratory Medicine, Kids Health, Pharmacy and the Education Centre. 

This e-learning program is free and available through the Kids Health Promotion website to all professionals working with parents or young people who smoke. Modules 1 - 7 have recently been updated and a new module on Vaping and young people added.  

Access KidsQuit 

You will have to create a new user account if you haven’t previously accessed KidsQuit through the above link.

Please note, you will receive an email one month after completing the core modules to complete the Post Training Practice Questionnaire. Upon completion of this final module, your certificate will become available.

A promotional flyer, poster and the 5As for smoking cessation flowchart is available in the 'Downloads' section below. 

This initiative is in line with NSW Health directives to promote and work towards a Smoke Free Workplace.

Why is this training important?

As professionals we should be demonstrating a commitment to making our hospitals and community settings a Smoke Free Zone for children, adolescents, families and carers.

Smoking cessation interventions to adolescents, parents and carers can be an effective part of everyday work practice.

KidsQuit is proven to be effective at training professionals in smoking cessation, increase knowledge and improve confidence in providing simple advice and assistance to parents and adolescents on the health effects of smoking.

This e-learning package is a valuable training tool that contributes to the health of children, adolescents, parents and carers.

The e-learning package is evidence based learning and includes the following modules:

1) Smoking prevalence and health effects

2) Brief interventions: The 5A’s of smoking cessation

3) Adolescents and smoking

4) NRT and pharmacotherapy

5) Mental health and smoking (2016)

6) Young Aboriginal people and smoking (2016)

7) Pregnancy and smoking (2016)

8) Vaping and Young People (2022)

Objectives of the e-learning package

The objectives of the training are to:

  • Increase knowledge of the 5A’s of smoking cessation

  • Increase confidence in performing brief interventions.

  • Provide resources and support for smoking cessation brief intervention.