Going to Hospital - What Will It Be Like (interactive CD included)

This interactive CD-ROM game is for children aged 7-11 years of age who are having surgery. It teaches children about going to hospital and what happens when they have an operation. There are fun activities to do, lots of information for parents/guardians and five coping skills that teach the child how to relax and deal with fears about being in hospital. There is an accompanying activity book which helps children to practice these coping skills both at home and in hospital.

Topics/Activities Covered Include:

calm breathing, mind pictures, what should I pack?, having my observations taken, what does theatre look like?, busy brainwaves, people I have met, how I managed pain, photo board and going home


  • A feature of the booklet is “Zoobie", a special friend to help guide the patient through the various activities to be completed, prior to and during their stay in hospital.
  • The CD game shows what happens when the child has an operation
  • Information for parents
  • Exercises that teaches the child  how to cope with difficult situations
  • Fun activities to do while in hospital


Additional Information


ISBN 10:  

Audience:  Children 

Format:  Paperback

Language:  English

Date published:  

Publisher:  Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne

Country of publication:  Australia

Comfort Kids Programme - Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne, Australia