Flash Card Set - Emotions

Flashcards are a classic study tool - among the better practices through which children's brains learn most effectively and efficiently. Not only do flashcards help children to memorise quickly, they also enable long-term retention of information. Flashcards could keep children significally engaged longer and result in tangible assets for their future growth and brain development.

"As a speech pathologist predominately working with children on the autism spectrum these resources are culturally appropriate not only to use with those of an indigenous background but with all backgrounds to continue to raise awareness and support the healing and reconciliation journey.The resources are beautifully presented and are fun and engaging to use during therapy sessions as well as for families completing home practice tasks." Speech Pathologist, Newcastle NSW

Emotions Include: Happy, Sad, Shocked, Angry and Confused.

Graphics were created by Kelsi at Bink Studios.

The Aboriginal Art going with each card is completed by Lara Went at Yukul Art. Lara is a Local Aboriginal Women from Forster.

Size: A5


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