Farm safety

Farm life is great for teaching kids responsibility and how to care for animals and the land. But there are dangers that we need to protect children from.

The main causes of death and severe injury for children on farms are drowning (for example dams, troughs, and creeks), quad bikes and farm vehicles (utes, cars) and horses. Over a quarter of children who die are visitors to the farm.

Quad bikes are not All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) and are known to tip and roll when moving at speed or up hills.

Safety tips

  • Always supervise your child on farms, especially around water, vehicles or machinery
  • Fence safe play areas with child-resistant gates and latches, similar to a pool fence. This will create a safe place for your child to play away from dangers such as water, vehicles, driveways or machinery
    • Pool fences are 1.2 metres high with gaps of no more than 10cm under the fence or between the vertical bars. Make sure there are no footholds or objects too close to the fence that your child can use to climb over the fence
  • Visitors might not know about farm dangers. Let them know where it is safe for children to play
  • Always make sure your child wears a seatbelt in cars, utes and trucks
  • Quad bikes should not be used by any child under the age of 16 (as a driver OR passenger). They don’t have the skills and judgement to handle a powered vehicle
  • Don’t allow your child to ride on tractors or on the back of utes
  • Always check for children before moving cars, tractors or machinery. Children can also be put in their child restraint in the vehicle before it is moved
  • Always make sure your child wears helmets when riding farm bikes and horses.