Driveway safety

Most low speed vehicle run overs happen in a driveway with the vehicle going forwards or reversing.

Safety tips

Step 1: Supervise

  • Children should always be supervised by an adult who is holding their hand when they are around driveways or near vehicles
  • Children can also be put in their child restraint in the vehicle before it is moved around your property.

Step 2: Separate

  • Driveways should not be used as play areas. Create a fenced safe play area for your child which is away from driveways
  • Separate driveways and garages from play areas with fences and self-closing and locking doors and gates.

Step 3: See

  • All vehicles have blind spots. Children move quickly and are not always seen, even with reversing sensors and cameras in vehicles
  • Check where children are at all times before moving a vehicle.