Caring for Diabetes in Children and Adolescents (3rd Edition 2010)

This book will help you look after diabetes in your child or adolescent. First published in 1998, over 20,000 copies have been sold. The editors and contributors are experienced children's diabetes health professionals in Australia. This book reflects their common approach to diabetes care and is a comprehensive, practical and up to date guide to all aspects of diabetes care. Parents, grandparents, friends, other carers, health professionals and young people with diabetes will find it a valuable resource.

This 3rd edition is available @ $25.50 incl GST for orders of 10+, and can be purchased by professional bodies from 8 boxes x 14 copies (112) and thereafter in multiples of 14 for $17.00 incl GST per copy. FOR THESE BULK ORDERS PLEASE CONTACT US FOR POSTAGE/HANDLING COSTS.




Additional Information

ISBN:   9780957944336

Audience:  Parents

Format:  Paperback

Language:  English

Date published:  2010

Publisher:  Blue Star Print Group

Country of publication:  Australia

Editors: Geoffrey Ambler & Fergus Cameron
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