Burns and scalds in the kitchen

Hot food and drinks

  • Use non-slip placemats and coasters instead of tablecloths so young children can’t pull hot food and drinks onto themselves
  • Put hot food and drinks out of reach of young children
  • Don’t hold young children while having hot food or drinks
  • Boiling water in hot noodle containers can take an hour to cool down to a safe temperature. ALWAYS drain the hot water from the noodles before giving them to your child and have them sit at a table when eating hot noodles.

Stoves and ovens

  • Use the back stovetop burners rather than the front ones so young children can’t reach them
  • Turn the pot handles to the back of the stove so they are out of reach of young children
  • Keep looking when cooking - stay in the kitchen when cooking and supervise children at all times
  • Use a barrier such as a stove guard to prevent young children pulling hot pots and pans onto themselves. You can buy a stove guard from your local hardware store
  • Separate cooking areas from living areas and keep cooking equipment off the ground so it is out of reach of young children
  • Attach free standing ovens to the wall to stop them tipping over on top of children.

Kettles and other electrical appliances

  • Push all electrical equipment to the back of the bench so young children can’t reach them
  • Wind up excess cords or use cordless equipment so children can’t accidentally pull the equipment on top of themselves.

For more information, visit Fire and Rescue NSW or the Australian and New Zealand Burns Association (ANZBA) or see our Learn to Stop Burns and Scalds in the Kitchen resources in the downloads section below.

Free printed copies of the brochure, poster and first aid for burns fridge magnet can be ordered from our Resources to order page.