Burns and scalds in the home


  • Install a guard around your heater or fireplace which is heat resistant and secured to the wall or floor. You can buy these from your local hardware store or heating store
  • Keep a metre from the heater. Put your heater at least 1 metre away from anything that might catch fire such as clothing, furniture and curtains. Don’t dry clothing by placing it over a heater or fireplace
  • Buy pyjamas with the low fire danger label
  • Put heaters on the floor. Never put heaters up high such as on cabinets or tables
  • Put heaters away from traffic areas such as doorways and hallways
  • Don’t use extension cords unless you need to and don’t overload power points or power boards
  • Turn off heating appliances when leaving the house or when sleeping.


  • Keep irons and their cords out of reach of young children when they are being used or are cooling down
  • Don’t iron around young children. Iron while children are asleep or put your child in a playpen while you iron
  • Consider using a cordless iron
  • Use the stand for the iron, if provided. Irons that are left face-down on the ironing board may start a fire
  • Fold ironing boards up after use and store them in a secure place.

Other tips to prevent burns and scalds in the home include:

  • Store matches and lighters in a locked cabinet or where children can't reach them
  • Only use a treadmill when young children are not in the room, install a safety guard around it and unplug after use.