Burns and scalds in the bathroom

Hair straighteners and curlers

  • Put hair straighteners and curlers out of reach of children when they are being used
  • Unplug and store hair dryers, straighteners and curlers in a secure cupboard out of reach
  • Store in a heatproof bag if available
  • Supervise children while the device is warming or cooling.

Bath water

  • When running a bath, turn the cold water on first and slowly add hot water to get to a safe temperature
  • When the bath is full, turn the cold water tap off after the hot water tap. This will make sure that the tap does not get too hot
  • Always check the temperature of the bath water before putting a young child in the bath. Dipping your elbow or inside wrist in the water is a guide. A maximum of 40ºC is recommended for small children. Use a bath thermometer to get the right temperature
  • Supervise children at all times in the bathroom and never leave them alone, even for a minute
  • Use child-resistant taps or covers to stop children from turning on the hot water.

Hot water systems

  • Older homes may not have the temperature of their hot water systems controlled so that water is delivered to a safer temperature (50oC). However you can get a plumber to add a tempering device
  • When installing a new water heater or replacing an old one, a temperature control device must be installed restricting the temperature to the bathroom