Bully Blocking

Few of the books available on bullying target both the parent and child readership - this book does. The first part of the book helps parents understand what happens when their children are bullied or are involved in bullying and why bullying occurs. The second part provices both simple exercises to help a child reprogramme their attitude and feel empowered plus practical advice for parents and school. The third part is based on Evelyn Field's "Secrets Of Relating", a six-step model that has proved highly successful in her extensive counselling work with young people and victims of all types of bullying.

This revised edition of "Bully Blocking", includes a new chapter on what schools can do about bullying and a supplement to help teachers apply the books practical exercises and activities in the classroom.


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ISBN:  9780732298159

ISBN 10:

Audience:   Parents

Format:   Paperback

Language:   English

Date published:  2013

Publisher:   HarperCollins

Country of publication:  Australia

Evelyn M.Field
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