The Bravehearts Toolbox for Practitioners Working with Child Sexual Assault

Combining the expertise of both researchers and practitioners specialising in the area of child sexual assault, this book provides an innovative, evidence-based approach to working with children and young people affected by sexual assault. It is an essential guide for general counsellors, school counsellors, psychologists, youth workers, chaplains, mental health practitioners and other allied health professionals, to provide them with the necessary information and skills to support children and young people affected by sexual assault.

Its purpose is to build the confidence of these frontline workers and to reassure them that they do in fact possess the necessary skills to continue to work with their client once the issue of sexual assault has been raised.


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ISBN:  9781921513886

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Audience: Professionals

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Date published: 

Publisher: Bravehearts

Country of publication: Australia

Nadine McKillop Carol Ronken Sam Vidler