Blind cord safety

Blind and curtain cords that are looped or too long can strangle a child if they become caught around a child’s neck. This can happen when a child sleeps, plays near windows or climbs on furniture near windows.

In Australia new window coverings supplied after 2010 or installed after 2015, must have cords secured out of reach and without a loop of 22cm or longer.

  • The cords can be less than 1.6 metres high if they:Blind cord safety
    • Are firmly attached to the wall
    • Are secured or tensioned to prevent a loop 22cm or longer being formed
    • Cannot be removed from the wall by a child
  • If a cleat is used, it must be at least 1.6 metres high to stop children from reaching the cords.

Safety tips

  • Move all nursery furniture, cots and beds away from windows and blind cords
  • Don’t put furniture near windows which children can use to reach blind cords
  • Blind cords should not be able to form a loop of 22cm or longer
  • Secure blind cords out of reach at least 1.6 metres above ground level. Glue or double-sided tape are not strong enough to use
  • Keep all blind cords out of reach. Even non-looped cords can wrap around a child’s neck
  • If you are renting, ask your landlord or real estate agent to secure blind cords and chains out of reach.

To make a blind cord safe, you can cut the cord in half to remove the loop, just above the tassel. You can then attach a new tassel and tie a knot to each end.

Blind cord safetyBlind cord safety







Some blinds can’t be used without a looped cord.

  • These blinds can be made safe by attaching a cleat to the wall to loop loose cords around. You can buy these from hardware stores.
  • Installing a tensioning device that keeps the looped cord tight and is out of reach of children. You can also buy these from hardware stores. Fix this device to the wall so children can’t remove it.

Blind cord safetyBlind cord safety