Autism and Girls

The revised and updated edition of the groundbreaking book Asperger's and Girls describes the unique challenges of females on the autism spectrum. In it, you'll follow the lives of women with autism through childhood, the social and academic challenges of the education system, and into the career and dating worlds. You'll also hear from top experts on crucial and often under-discussed subjects, including:

Diagnosing girls with ASD

Navigating the neurotypical social world

Puberty, sexual health, and personal safety

Independence, relationships, and marriage

The importance of the right career

And so much more.

This book is a necessity for women with autism and those who love and support them. Direct advice from leading professionals and candid stories written by the indomitable women who have lived them send an important message: we are women with autism. Give us the right tools and we can change the world.

Revised Second Edition (formerly known as Asperger's and Girls)


Additional Information

ISBN:  9781941765234

ISBN 10:

Audience: Parents

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Date published:  2019

Publisher:  Future Horizons

Country of publication:  US

Temple Grandin & Tony Attwood