Story reading

Reading to and with your children is really important. Reading their favourite books helps them to learn how to read and how to spell some of the words in those books. Having children to read to you practices their reading skills.

There are a number of story readings also available online, some of which we’ve listed here

Story readings on-line

  • Storytime from Space – has different stories being read online 
  • Goodnight with Dolly – Dolly Parton doing a nightly story reading on YouTube, starting 2 April 2020
  • Penguin Kids Publishers - various artists do live story times each day on Facebook and Instagram (live story readings are at 11.15am American EST)
  • Harper Kids - have a daily story reading on YouTube
  • Oliver Jeffers - is doing live story reading every day on Instagram but the segments can be
  • Matt Stanton  - is doing a live reading or drawing activity each day on his You Tube Channel
  • Audible - are streaming live stories for kids for free – suitable for young children and teens