Health and Safety Campaigns

Kids Health, at The Children's Hospital at Westmead, strive to keep children fit, happy, healthy, safe and out of hospital. Our team works to achieve these aims through health and safety promotion, information provision and education.

We develop  health and safety campaigns that target key areas for kids. Some examples of our current campaigns include:

Falls from windows and balconies: Kids Don’t Fly

An increasing number of children are admitted to hospital each year, with serious injuries, as a result of falling from windows and balconies. To increase the safety of your children near windows and on balconies, visit the Falls from Windows and Balconies campaign page 


Shaken Baby Syndrome: Shaking your baby is just not the deal

Shaking is the leading cause of death in children under twelve months. Visit our campaign page for information about responding to a crying baby.



Poison Safety: Kids and Poisons

Most accidental poisonings occur to children younger than five, with children aged one to three at greatest risk. To help prevent poisoning in childhood, view our poison safety resources for parents and carers and also for child-care centres.



Portable pool safety: Kids Can Drown Without a Sound (Drowning prevention)

In NSW, over a quarter of all drowning deaths among children in backyard swimming pools, occur in portable swimming pools. Visit our campaign page to learn more about safety issues for portable pools and the fencing that is required by law around any pool that can be filled with more than 300mm of water.


Swimming pool fencing: Protect Your Pool, Protect Your Kids (Drowning prevention)

The majority of children who drown in backyard swimming pools, do so in pools with faulty pool fencing. View our online video and pool fencing checklist showing common pool fencing faults and how to spot them.



Burns prevention: Learn to Stop Burns

The Burns Unit and Kids Health, at The Children's Hospital at Westmead, together with Kidsafe and the NSW Severe Burn Injury Service produced an interactive burns prevention program, called Learn to Stop Burns. The game allows entry to a virtual home where individual rooms may be navigated to search for the potential burn dangers in everyday life. Find out more about burns prevention and view the Learn to Stop Burns video.


Bringing Out the Best in Your Baby

The Bringing Out the Best in Your Baby calendar was developed to promote developmental milestones and activities to encourage healthy development over the first 12 months of a baby’s life.   


Smoking cessation: “Kids Quit”

The Children’s Hospital at Westmead developed an e-learning program “Kids Quit” to provide health professionals with the knowledge and skills to undertake brief interventions with adolescents and parents who smoke. Visit our Kids Quit webpage to find out more about how you can access the training or attend a workshop.