Poison safety

Poison safety

Poisoning is one of the most common childhood injuries. Every year, in NSW, more than 500 children are admitted to hospital as a result of poisoning from products found in and around the home. Most accidental poisonings happen to children younger than five years old, with children aged one to three years most at risk.

Medications are the most common cause of childhood poisonings and nearly all childhood poisonings take place at home.

To help prevent poisoning in childhood, Kids Health have developed a number of poison safety resources for parents and carers and also for child-care centres.

For more information please visit the Poisons Information Centre Website.

English (English)

Checklist: Poison safety for child care services

Kids and Poisons DL brochure

Chinese, Traditional (繁體中文)

Kids and Poisons Brochure - DL (Traditional Chinese) 兒童和毒藥

Greek (Ελληνικά)

Kids and Poisons Brochure - DL (Greek) Παιδιά και Δηλητήρια

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Kids and Poisons Brochure - DL (Italian) I bambini e i veleni

Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt)

Kids and Poisons brochure - DL (Vietnamese) Trẻ em và Độc chất

Korean (한국어)

Kids and Poisons brochure - DL (Korean) 어린이와 독성물질