The Fruit That Loves Itself

"All the fruits were hanging out at the Farmers' Market stall. They were all shapes and sizes, some bendy, big or small."The Fruit That Loves Itself is a rhyming story about a hairy tropical fruit named Remi. While Remi is on display at the Farmers' Market he begins to notice he might look a little different from the apples and the pears. Feeling self-conscious about his unusual spiky hair, Remi worries that the market folk are ignoring him, or worse still, they stop to point and stare! Remi feels tired and dejected, so he seeks refuge behind the neighbour's market stall. There he meets a wise and towering figure who introduces him to a colourful cast of fruity friends. Inspired by these magical fruits, Remi learns to stop worrying about his appearance and even finds his own best friend.This is a fun-filled rhyming story which is great to read aloud with the little people. Join Remi the rambutan in this beautifully illustrated book about friendship and accepting yourself just the way you are.


Additional Information

ISBN: 9780648586807

ISBN 10:

Audience:  Children

Format:  Paperback

Language:  English

Date published:  2019

Publisher:  The Re:Verse Project in Australia

Country of publication:  Australia

Frank ChidWick & Jefton Sungkar